Thursday, May 10, 2012

Early 2012

My last spring semester in college ended yesterday. As expected, it was filled with a lot of school work, plus, a job, new friendships, old friendships, and a magical wedding for my longest friend. At the start of 2012, I had a gut feeling that this year would be unlike previous ones. It has already proven to be my favorite year of life so far.

Why I've loved it...
  1. I made a B in PhotoShop! What I thought would be an easy elective wasn't easy, so I'm happy with my grade. 
  2. I went techno contra dancing. The name should give you an indication of how silly it was.
  3. Every girl from the bible study group I'm a part of, chopped their hair off to support a girl in our group battling cancer for a second time. 
  4. I lined up an internship with Asterisk Creative, a marketing agency in Charlotte, for the summer.
  5. I've experienced contentment, real contentment. Such contentment that I started to worry because I've never felt so at peace. I often have to remind myself that the peace I feel, is the peace I've been praying for. 
  6. Learning that God is concerned with every concern of mine, small and big. He continues to prove that over and over.
  7. I visited The Biltmore Estate with my family in March.
  8. I'll be an Appol Corps leader next school year. It will be very similar to what I did at Gardner-Webb as a peer leader, except it's a four day commitment instead of a five month commitment.
  9. Taylor Bromby's wedding in Valle Crusis was beautiful, intimate, and fun. My heart was so full after that weekend. That's what happens when you're surrounded by a lovely couple, with lovely families, in the lovely NC mountains, with 150+ lovely people.
  10. Living in an apartment with Caroline is an adventure, always. Everyday there is something laughable going on.
  11. I registered for my last semester of college. Surreal.
Happy summertime, friends!

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